Our Blast Resistant shelter is rated over 6 psi in some cases. It will be up to the Customers site engineers to review report for shelter placement.

Anchoring Options Available • No Guy Wires
Patent Pending

Our tents allow you to maximize the real estate available in your location.

On most industrial sites the available area is limited, therefore our shelter affords you the maximum size for site restrictions. Without the need for guy wires and our Patent Pending design, our shelters need less real estate than others. Due to this our Blast resistant shelters can be used closer to the site where the work is being done.

We are excited to share that we have created a Blast Resistant Shelter design that has a rating of a 6.0 PSI.

After several years of R & D and working with Baker Risk Engineers we are excited about the opportunity to introduce the Matador.

Our design allows us to install the shelter closer to the units than previous designs to reduce downtime for employees. Also, there are no guy wires on the exterior that take up valuable real estate. The Matador is similar to Southern Comfort Shelters original design that you have grown accustom to with some modifications to the side panels. There are options available for anchoring whether it be Concrete Pad or Temporary Anchoring.

We have installed several of The Matador Shelters and are still working to improve the design daily. If the need for a Blast Resistant Shelter arises, please give us an opportunity to create a quote and discuss some options that could save you some cost.

Matador Blast Rsistant Shelter Rendering

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